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In an effort to restore one of Tlaxcala’s lungs, Fundación DEACERO, Grupo Matlacuyetl and communities from San Bernadino Contla summoned members of their communities to a brigade with the purpose of reforesting the natural park La Malinche.

This initiative is a response to the excessive growth of the bark beetle’s population in the park, which represents a serious problem for the ecosystem.

170 people gathered in the brigade, with whom a talk was held about the relevance of the intervention, along with being trained for an adequate reforestation. Collectively, they planted in the area more than 350 magueyes donated by Fundación DEACERO. At the same time, the maguey works as a natural barrier that halts the deterioration created by the bark beetle.

As part of the volunteers are included collaborators from Grupo DEACERO, inhabitants of indigenous communities such as Cuahuixmatlac and Xochiteotla, population from municipalities like Cuaxomulco, Acuamanala, San Pablo del Monte, Papalotla, Teolocholco, Teacalco, Tepatlaxco and La Magdalena Tlaltelulco, and the communities of San Felipe Cuahutenco and San José Astatla.

For the realization of the brigade, it was essential the participation of biologist Dulce María Hernández Decasa from Grupo Matlacuyetl, as well as community representatives like Odilon Paredes Carvajal from Acuamanala, Juan Pablo Hernández Decasa from Cuahuixmatlac, and Carlos Gilberto Pacheco Montiel from Cuaxomulco.

La Malinche’s reforestation is one of the initiatives that Fundación DEACERO propels in multiple states of Mexico to improve the quality of life and of the environment in communities in which DEACERO is present.

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