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More than 190 collaborators of the Dirección de Logística y Abastecimiento (DLA) made possible the donation of 191 blankets to Casa Monarca, a non-lucrative organization that offers humanitarian help to migrants who roam through the city of Monterrey.

The event took place in the lobby of Grupo DEACERO’s general offices, where representatives of DLA, Casa Monarca, and Fundación DEACERO congregated, the last one collaborating in the management of the donation’s delivery.

Gathered in a circle, the attendees shared a moment in which they learned more about the work of Casa Monarca and its vision regarding the phenomenon of migration, as well as other ways DEACERO can join the cause. For example, creating conscience about the human right of looking for a better life when their country of origin doesn’t have a democracy that lets them work to fulfill their dreams.

At the end of the event, Ing. Raúl M. Gutiérrez Duran from DLA, and Pbro. Luis Eduardo Zavala de Alva from Casa Monarca, officialized the delivery of the donation, and the blankets were prepared for their relocation to the organization, where they will warm migrants this season.

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