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In the morning of Saturday, December 18, 100 kids of Gloria Mendiola, in Monterrey, Nuevo León, each received a Christmas present as a result of the initiative and donation of Dirección de Relaciones Humanas.

Along with Fundación DEACERO, a volunteering was organized, where 8 collaborators from the general offices of Grupo DEACERO signed up to organize a dynamic that included cooperative games, lunch for the kids, and the delivery of the presents.

The event took place in the building of Cáritas Monterrey, in Gloria Mendiola. A social worker who volunteered, dressed up as Santa Claus and led the games in which kids and DEACERO volunteers participated.

To avoid crowds, the kids arrived in two groups, each one formed by 50 people. The presents, that consisted of toys for kids between 1 and 12 years old, were handed out by the group of volunteers from Grupo DEACERO. The second group was led by young volunteers who joined the implementation of the activity.

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