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Thanks to the initiative of the area of Information Tecnologies, it was possible the donation of 19 tablets to kids from Nuevo Leon, whose families live under vulnerable conditions.

Through its service of internal consultation, Fundación DEACERO facilitated to the area of IT the location of a target audience who truly needed and would make the most of the resource.

The donation of the tablets took place in the elementary schools “Agustín Basave Fernández del Valle”, “Dionisia F. de Treviño” and the kinder garden “Dionisia F. de Treviño” in the cities of Guadalupe and Juárez, N.L.

Besides the donation, the kids and their families received a pamphlet that contained internet sites curated by Fundación, which promoted a quality education to foster a better use of the equipment.

Fundación DEACERO offers, without cost, consultation service in volunteering, work with schools and communities, and social necessity diagnosis for all areas and Business Centers of Grupo DEACERO interested in promoting el wellbeing of their communities of interest.

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