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In the Jardín Principal de Villagrán, Guanajuato, located in front of the Municipal Palace, Fundación DEACERO and the local presidency presented the program “Madrinas DEACERO” before 100 citizens.

The madrinas (godmothers) have the purpose of decreasing the poverty rate through social projects in communities that are of interest to the municipality and Grupo DEACERO. This program is directly related to the #1 Sustainable Development Goals, that seeks to end extreme poverty.

In the event, 23 volunteering madrinas registered, who are wifes or partners of collaborators of DEACERO from the Business Centers located in Villagrán. The madrinas will participate in the development and social well being of the suburbs: Cerrito de las Yerbas, Villas de la Salud, El Chinaco and El Rehilete.

The work axes of the program are five: dignification of living spaces, regaining public spaces, citizen participation competence development, health and education quality.

In the event, it was also highlighted the relevance of Grupo DEACERO in the region, by generating more than 2,000 jobs in the state, through four Business Centers and a Macrohub Bajío, boosting the economic development of their collaborators and their families.

We thank the 2021-2024 Administration of Villagrán, Guanajuato for its opening and disposition to add value to the development of the region, not only through the jobs generated by Grupo DEACERO, but also in its social dimention through the madrinas.

We also sincerely thank the following Eslabones DEACERO who helped us make a difference in our call for the madrina’s participation: Evelin Martínez Arvizu y Marisol Arvizu Leal in DEACERO Summit; Sergio Martínez Moncada in Planta Alambres and Industriales Celaya; and Augusto César Revuelta Velasco in Acería Celaya.

Every last wednesday of the month, the madrinas will have a reporting and accountability exercise to the municipality to know the progress and achievements of all their efforts. Fundación DEACERO will be present in an accompaniment for the best development of the capabilities of the madrinas.

Madrinas DEACERO is an independent chapter in the program Madrinas de San Pedro. This latter one was born in Nuevo León, its managed by the municipal government of San Pedro, and has changed the life of multiple families during three administrations.

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