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2022 is the third consecutive year that Grupo DEACERO has been awarded with the Socially Responsible Company (SRC) Award, issued by the Centro Mexicano para la Filantropía, A.C. (CEMEFI).

The distinctive ESR was processed through Fundación DEACERO, and its purpose is to give credit and recognition to businesses´ compromise for adding social value to their operation. To get it, the maturity of Grupo DEACERO´s good practices regarding social responsibility were measured through indicators in the area of Ambiental, Social and Governance (ASG). This measurement is referenced with national legislation and international regulations, and it endorses the competitive advantage of companies in Mexico and Latin America, by recognizing that:

  • They manage social responsibility as part of their culture and business strategy.
  • They implement actions to constantly improve their processes.
  • They have politics and programs that reach all levels of the company.
  • The business model is oriented to a sustainable and socially responsible management.
  • It identifies areas of opportunity and risk, and it acts in a timely and legal way.
  • It strengthens the trust between its groups of interest, through the reputation and competitiveness, and;
  • It adds socio-environmental value to the community in which it is present.

From Fundación DEACERO, we thank the collaboration of the following people who made this achievement possible:

  • Sheila Teresa Canales (Relaciones Laborales)
  • María Laura Gutiérrez Sauceda (Asuntos Corporativos y Alineación Total)
  • Sofía Dinorah Gonzalez González (Estrategia Comercial)
  • Ana Sofía Villarreal Dena (Relaciones Humanas)
  • Madai Vargas Perez (Relaciones Humanas)
  • Yaglimir Madeleyne Hernández Aguas (Finanzas y Servicios Administrativos)
  • Abraham Villagrana Arellano (Logística y Abastecimientos)
  • Wendy Irisson Díaz (Sustentabilidad)

To know the official list of companies that got the SRC Award 2022, please consult:

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