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DEACERO Planta Cables Querétaro celebrates its 70 years with its first work inclusion project! Omar Prado, a young man with intellectual disability, now works as a storer.

The event was carried out in collaboration with Fundación DEACERO and EFFETA, an association dedicated to the social and labor development of people with disabilities, mostly intellectual, which took care of linking Omar with DEACERO.

As preparation for the incorporation of Omar, there were improvements in the work area and the sensibilization of the personnel, and an inclusive event took place, in which the warehouse was identified as the best place were Omar can work and remain safe.

We congratulate Planta Cables Querérato for its initiative and for sharing its dream with Fundación DEACERO. We also thank EFFETA for joining us in the whole process so that Omar’s integration, can be a success!

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