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Fundación DEACERO participated in the contest “Best Social Responsability Practices in 2022”, organized by the Clúster de Electrodomésticos (CLELAC) and the Clúster Automotriz de Nuevo León (CLAUT), in which multiple enterprises presented their projects concerning social responsability in front of a jury.

The foundation presented Madrinas DEACERO. The madrinas (godmothers) are volunteering spouses or partners of collaborators of DEACERO, and they function as a link between the government, the community and Fundación DEACERO, with the purpose of promoting social projects that help the social development, and mostly, reduce the poberty rate in the communities.

Some of the projects the madrinas have carried out, in Villagrán, Guanajuto, are the donation of ecological stoves for homes without the infrastructure for the use of gas, located around the Centros de Negocios of DEACERO in area, the delivery of school kits in a school in the community, among other projects. As closure to the presentation, the official video of Madrinas DEACERO was shown, with the testimonies of the madrinas themselves.

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